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Notes on new feeder of powder weighing system in Sanwei precision production
UPTIME:2020-03-31   VIEWS:967

The powder weighing system is mainly divided into five parts: daily storage bin for manual unpacking, new feeder, powder scale, after feeding device, clamping valve, etc., among which the new feeder part, the technical team of SANWEI  Seiko, after detailed research and development, has improved the equipment structure and greatly improved the product performance, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. D-type double screw feeder;

2. T-type double screw feeder;

3. Keeping the feeding capacity, the feeding accuracy can reach 20 ~ 50g;

4. The cover of the conveying trough adopts the buckle design, which is convenient for maintenance and repair;

5. The screw feeding port is provided with an observation port, which is convenient for observing the feeding condition during weighing. It is helpful to judge the fault adjustment parameters;

6. For special sticky materials, we can do some targeted design: for example, using stainless steel material, increasing the specification of the blanking port to avoid blocking.

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