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Pneumatic conveying system
Pneumatic conveying system

Main features:

Large conveying capacity, long distance and fast speed; materials can be loaded at one place and unloaded at multiple places.

Pneumatic conveying system, also called powder treatment system, is divided into dense phase conveying system, sand dune flow conveying, thin phase conveying and other conveying methods. Its configuration is reasonable and easy to operate, which can effectively reduce the working intensity and save labor cost. Computer control, record tracing, advanced and stable performance, safety and environmental protection.



                Small packet Unpacking System


 ● Small packet feeding system is equipped with a dust removal device, the feed port is negative pressure, to prevent dust leakage

 ● The bag mouth pressing device is optional to ensure the material dropping process is completely closed

 ● Optional screen, glove box, iron remover, arch breaking device

Technical parameters:

Unpacking capacity:<7 t/h



                          Dust removal system


 ● It is used for material gas-solid separation, dust filtration, recycling, etc.

 ● The equipment is easy to disassemble, stable and reliable, simple in structure and easy to maintain and operate.

  ● Fully automated operation to reduce significant labor costs

Technical parameters:

Filtration accuracy:0.1~5µm

Filter efficiency:99.9%


                           Weighing System 


 ● Automatic metering and automatic dosing system for powder-grain materials for fast, high-precision weighing ingredients

 ● Support for batch metering (weight gain/weight loss) and continuous calculation.

 ● Multiple feeding methods: screw, self-cleaning screw, vibrating, and belt types

Technical parameters:

Weighing accuracy:± 0.05% ~ ± 0.2%


                           Silo storage system


   ● It is used for material storage, system buffering and balancing operations

   ● Different flow support modes can be configured according to material characteristics

   ● The matchable level switches, continuous level gauges or weighing systems

   Technical parameters



Materials: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel