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About us

Qingdao sanwei Seiko Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., is committed to information equipment and automation control equipment, to promote industrial intelligence, for all industries to provide integrated control solutions. Widely used in rubber, new energy, food, medicine, chemical and other industries.

Since its establishment, quot;pe company has adhered to the "people-oriented, quality-oriented" business purpose, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and was named "China enterprise integrity management demonstration unit "," Shandong Province patent star enterprise "," high-tech enterprises" and other honorary titles.

Sanwei in the material transportation has many years of experience, and with the relevant scientific and technological institutions to jointly research and development, and constantly share new products to enterprises. Sanwei will work with customers for safe, environmentally friendly and reliable production.

Design: intelligent, diversified products, reasonable structure, solid and reliable, simple operation.

Products: high accuracy, fewer faults, less pollution, low cost.

Machining: Advanced machining capability (large gantry machining center, NC machining center, NC wire cutting and other large CNC precision machining equipment, machining accuracy up to µ levels).

Service: Excellent service(24 hours online,48-hour on-site inspection), to ensure the normal operation of the customer's production line.