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Tubular Chain Conveying Soluti
Tubular Chain Conveying Soluti


   Product introduction:

Pipe chain conveyor system solutions mainly include pipe chain conveyors, pipe chain conveyors are also known as chain conveyors, is a mechanical system for movement inside the closed tube, in the conveyor system has stable performance, energy saving characteristics, can be continuously transported powder, small particles and small pieces of bulk materials, can also be horizontal, tilt and vertical combination of transport. It is widely used in chemical industry, pesticides, ores, food, building materials and other industries.

   Product features: 

● Can achieve multi-point feed and multi-point discharge, flexible arrangement;

● The pipe is completely closed, no dust, no pollution to the surrounding environment, no need to install other dust removal equipment;

● The system consumption is small, the running cost is low;

● The system is reliable and low noise, and the maintenance is simple.