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What are the components of the batching system?
UPTIME:2020-03-25   VIEWS:882

Generally speaking, the automatic batching system is mainly composed of loading and buffering device, dosing controller, weighing and measuring unit, unloading actuator, mixing device, control system, human-computer interaction and instruction system, formula and system database, proportioning and control expert system, fault detection box processing device, field bus and network, etc.; it is used in industry (such as concrete batching), agriculture, etc( For example, in the production of active ingredient equipment, the computer (computer) with active ingredient algorithm is usually used as the control system of active ingredient.

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Hardware generally consists of industrial computer, display, acquisition card, PLC, electric control cabinet, sensor, metering hopper or weighing feeder, metering instrument, storage hopper, valve, safety protection (bump limit switch, blocking switch, etc.), mechanical unit, etc. It may increase or decrease according to the user's process requirements. The software runs in the monitoring software of Win XP system and PLC monitoring software.