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Powder scale
Powder scale

   Soft scale:   

1. Soft scale with special materials

2. High precision and not easy to stick;

3、 The discharging valve is a clamping valve, which has the advantages of high discharging speed and no sticking;

4. Automatic calibration of scales;

5. The cutting speed can reach 12kg / S;

6. In the factory, the mechanical and electrical assembly of parts and sets is completed, and the overall delivery is completed. The on-site installation and commissioning cycle is short.

   Unique weighing sensor structure:   

1. The structure of bellows sensor + steel wire rope has good freedom and high precision;

2. The unique anti falling and limit structure can effectively prevent horizontal impact and falling off.

   Automatic calibration device:   

1. The air cylinder is separated from the scale body to prevent the influence of air pipe on the scale;

2. The cylinder is equipped with a magnetic switch to detect the position of the cylinder push rod, so as to avoid the weighing error of the scale caused by the fall of the gas cut-off weight.

   Weight hook:   

1. The well-designed weight hook is more suitable for interpersonal engineering;

2. The overall feeling of the scale bucket is better and more beautiful.