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Precautions in using pneumatic conveying system in food industry
UPTIME:2020-03-23   VIEWS:1134

More and more pneumatic conveying systems are used in food industry, chemical industry, rubber industry, pharmaceutical industry, new energy industry and other industries, which have many advantages. They have the ability of continuous production, simplify the management of auxiliary equipment, flexible pipeline layout, and facilitate the configuration of various equipment at any time, so as to prevent sundries from mixing. The three-dimensional Seiko pneumatic conveying system manufacturer will analyze the pneumatic conveying system Precautions in the process:


1. Pay attention to whether the pneumatic valves are in place at any time. If the pneumatic valves are not in place, there may be the following reasons: air leakage in the gas pipeline and joints, loose mechanical bumps, abnormal valve bearings, stuck foreign matters, abnormal related mechanisms, and abnormal solenoid valves;

2. Pay attention to the high-pressure alarm in the process of transportation at any time, which may be caused by the following reasons: the change of material and material composition is large, after being out of service for a period of time, the re start, the pressure fluctuation of transmission air source is large or disappears for a short time, and the material quantity suddenly increases; pay attention to the under pressure of sealing ring at any time, and check whether the pressure of pressure gauge is normal in time when finding the under pressure.

3. Check the circuit, air circuit, pipeline and mechanical mechanism once a week; discharge the water in the air tank every shift at least once every shift; check the condition of each air valve, the condition of each pressure gauge and whether the pressure is correct every shift; it is forbidden to dismantle and repair the pipeline system when there is pressure.

Pneumatic conveying is an important part of clean production. From the current development of China's machinery industry, the development of domestic pneumatic conveying equipment industry is getting better and better. It has passed the era of depression and has great development potential.