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What are the components of the automatic batching system?
UPTIME:2020-02-14   VIEWS:1001

At present, with the increasing cost of human resources, production automation has become an inevitable trend of development. In the application of rubber, new energy, food, medicine, chemical industry and other industries, what kind of automatic batching system has become the top priority of some manufacturers and purchasers, and what are the main components of the automatic batching system? Qingdao 3D precision machinery Co., Ltd. has trained a professional R & D technical team for many years. It has unique advantages in material transportation, providing more and more enterprises with self-developed automatic batching system. Here are some important components of the automatic batching system:


1. Weighing part

The weighing part is composed of sensor, standard connecting piece, junction box and weighing bucket, and carries out material weighing and error detection together with weighing instrument.

2. Control system

The automatic batching system is composed of weighing instrument, upper industrial computer, programmable controller and other controllers. In some simple weighing and batching systems, the typical batching control system can also adopt the form of industrial computer and data acquisition board to control the batching.

3. Discharge equipment

Discharge can be weighing equipment (decrement method) or discharge equipment (increment method, zero position method). It is usually composed of emptying valve, electromagnetic vibration feeder, screw feeder, electric (pneumatic) valve, etc. All equipment shall be designed and selected according to the process conditions and material properties on site.

4. Feeding part

The feeding part is the actuator for feeding materials from the silo to the weighing equipment. According to the different characteristics of materials, different feeding equipment are selected, such as electromagnetic vibration feeder, screw feeder, single (double) speed solenoid valve, etc.

5. Scale calibration system

The sensor of the automatic batching system shall be adjusted regularly to ensure the batching accuracy of the system.

The automatic batching system is a multi input and multi output control system, which connects field instruments, control computers, PLC, frequency converters and other equipment through the field bus, and coordinates and controls each batching and conveying production line to accurately detect and adjust the material level and flow. Therefore, this system consists of PLC and batching belt scale, which is a two-level computer control system.