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What are the batching systems? What is the working principle of the automatic ba
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Batching system is a kind of batching equipment used in industry (such as concrete batching / batching system - aerated brick batching control system) and agriculture (such as feed batching) production. Generally, the computer (microcomputer) with automatic batching algorithm software is used as its automatic batching control system. Qingdao SANWEI SEIKO is committed to information equipment and automation control equipment, promoting industrial intelligence, providing integrated management and control solutions for various industries, widely used in rubber, new energy, food, medicine, chemical industry and other industries.

Type of automatic batching system:

1. Master-slave distributed control microcomputer batching control system

The design of this automatic batching control system is a master-slave structure, which can be used in large-scale concrete batching station with a powerful system by connecting multiple single-chip microcomputers. At the same time, the batching materials can be up to 9-12 kinds.

2. Automatic batching system of weightlessness scale

In the chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and other industries, it is often necessary to carry out continuous batching of a variety of materials, so the weight-loss scale is often used. Because the weight-loss scale body is based on the structure of the bucket scale, it can directly calibrate the weight, calculate the actual discharge through the test of the weight of each moment of the scale, and then carry out closed-loop adjustment, so as to achieve high control accuracy, Generally speaking, the cumulative accuracy is 0.5%. Due to the bucket structure, calibration, this system maintenance is much easier than the belt scale.

3. Rate value batching system


Working principle of automatic batching system:

Automatic batching system is a very important process in the production process of fine chemical plant. The quality of batching process is very important to the quality of the whole product. The automatic batching control process is a multi input and multi output system. Each batching and conveying production line is strictly coordinated and controlled to monitor and adjust the material level and flow timely and accurately. The system consists of a two-level computer control network composed of programmable controller and electronic belt scale. It connects field instruments, control computer, PLC, frequency converter and other devices with high intelligence and fast processing speed through field bus. In the process of automatic batching production, the main materials and auxiliary materials are matched in a certain proportion, and the electronic belt scale is used to measure the materials transported by the belt conveyor. PLC is mainly responsible for the real-time control of the conveying equipment and weighing process, and complete the system fault detection, display and alarm, and output signals to the frequency converter to adjust the speed of the belt conveyor.