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What are the advantages of pneumatic conveying system in application?
UPTIME:2020-01-10   VIEWS:486

In the process of industrial production, many industries will use pneumatic conveying such as positive pressure conveying and negative pressure conveying to transport and process raw materials. Pneumatic conveying system can meet the needs of large quantities of raw materials, effectively improve production efficiency, and ensure product quality. It is an indispensable important production equipment in plastic, rubber, new energy, food, medicine and other industries. So what are the application advantages of pneumatic conveying system?


1. A variety of process treatments can be realized. The pneumatic conveying system can carry out other process operations, such as mixing, crushing, grading, drying, cooling, dedusting and other chemical reactions in the conveying process or at the conveying terminal at the same time, so as to improve the production efficiency.

2. It can be widely used. The principle of pneumatic conveying equipment is very simple, and the conveying process is also simple. It can transport a wide range of operations, move flexibly and conveniently, and can continuously supply and transport materials, and can adapt to all kinds of raw materials conveying.

3. It can make full use of space and occupy a small area. Belt conveyor, screw conveyor and other conveying machinery are essentially conveying in one direction, while pneumatic conveying system can transport materials up, down or around obstacles such as buildings, and its conveying pipe can be higher or avoid the space occupied by other devices or equipment.

4. Can reduce pollution, environmental protection and clean. The pneumatic conveying system adopts the closed conveying mode to avoid dust flying, which can ensure that the materials are not polluted by any dust, improve the sanitary conditions of the workshop, and is conducive to environmental protection.

5. It can reduce the cost of equipment and facilitate maintenance. The pneumatic conveying system has the advantages of simple equipment, less moving parts, less material damage and equipment wear, which can save energy consumption, convenient maintenance and automation.

Generally speaking, pneumatic conveying system has stable performance, large conveying capacity, reliable quality and no dust pollution. It is an ideal material conveying equipment for enterprises.

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